On Sunday I did my best impression of a fifties house wife. I gave my kitchen skills a bit of a test, whipping up a low-calorie Vegetable Frittata to compliment my newly re-configured breakfast smoothie. I took a crack at making my first Roast Pork and had to enlist my inner bitch to only roast one potato with the other vegetables. When you live alone and there is no one to appreciate the effort, the idea of spending close to 2 hours on one meal seems a bit of a waste. To compensate I played “He’s just not that into you” based on the book by Greg Behrendt. Luckily the pork turned out amazing and was well worth the effort! Really turning on the fifties housewife skills I even vacuumed while the Roast was in the oven. (How am I still single again? I can both find the kitchen and make a sandwich!)

Even on Monday the week still seemed to be going well, I did my first ‘weigh in’ and lost 0.9Kg’s which was just below my goal and on Monday night with the start of Wk 4 of the C25K program (our week 2) we managed to knock our time down to 65mins for the 7K track. I noticed during the run a small pain in my right leg but after a stretch it didn’t bother me again. A delicious home cooked Indonesian meal later and I was comfortable in bed and busy reading “Act like a lady, think like a man” By Steve Harvey and wondering why the two self-help books I’m looking at this week are by male comedians.

When Tuesday morning rocked around I realised I was in a bit of trouble when walking down the stairs was a difficult task. Being my first morning in a boot camp style class I had to ask the instructor to allow me a revised program that didn’t involve any running. With the only advice being to rest the potential strain and do some light walking before trying a few stretches to help loosen the muscle I was feeling just a tiny bit sorry for myself. Also I learnt in the group fitness class that I do not like medicine balls at all, whoever invented those was a bit of a bitch. Arriving home I discovered that my electricity had been disconnected with no warning and after an hour on hold trying to convince my company that I not only existed but was a current customer (I may have broken down at some point during this conversation) they found my details in a different database (Why a company has more than one database is beyond me) and that they had disconnected me by mistake.

At this stage I was sitting in my undercover car park with the iPhone plugged into the car charger and the car running as they tried to sort it out, the end result being that until sometime on Wednesday evening I would be without power but would be appropriately compensated. Here’s where things really turned to crap, with no way of cooking dinner I would have to get take out. A few minutes later I was sitting in the semi dark eating a massive KFC feed and wondering if my phone would last long enough to wake me for work in the morning. I ate so much that I actually felt sick, or maybe that was just the delicious oil saying Hi as it was shovelled into my body.

With no way to make my breakfast smoothie it was Banana bread from the coffee cart at work for breakfast and some more guilty thoughts. In other news Emma forgot to register for the Color Run and has now missed the deadline. I guess I’ll be limping that one on my own now. I was really hoping that I’d make it more than a week before some of the cracks in this plan started to show. I can actually here Tony Robbins voice saying “When you make a decision to do something, you don’t give yourself any other option.” Here’s to hoping this is just hump day blues.



This week I was learning to cook healthy for myself. A few hit and misses but a lot of fun!

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Run Fat Bitch Run” By Ruth Field is not a self-help book for the soft hearted out there. With advice that includes instructions to look at your naked body in the mirror and call yourself a fat bitch it is certainly not for those who want to be loved just the way they are. But if you, like me looked at that title and were immediately sold then you are in for a no-nonsense approach to finding your inner bitch and putting her in charge.

With a fitness plan now based on the idea of running as the best way for me to shed the extra kilo’s I did a bit of extra searching and found the “Couch to 5k” program. The program is designed to get users from a low-level of fitness to jogging 5 kilometers in just 8 weeks. Available widely online and with nifty free iPhone apps that guide you through the different intervals each week this seemed like the perfect place to start.

With the C25K program downloading I did a quick google search for Fun Run’s in the Sydney area, well at 10 o’clock at night signing myself up for a 5K fun run taking place in just 4 weeks seemed like a really good idea. After all, locking yourself into running 5K’s in half the time a program says it can get you to that level seems like an idea sane people must have all the time. Luckily for me my best friend Emma is equally as delusional as i am and agreed to join me.

On Monday after work we were lacing up our joggers and feeling somewhat optimistic, we would skip straight to week 3 in the program, but would also use the 7k Iron Cove Bay circuit as our track. That first day it took us close to 75 minutes to complete the track. A combination of the C25K program and our own attempt to interval train the remaining distance left us both a little exhausted but also a little bit more confident. We agreed to do the same again on Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday went as planned, we even managed to knock 5 minutes off our time but Friday was another story, with temperatures all over Sydney hitting over 45*C just convincing each other that we still had to go was a slight problem. For a moment as we arrived we thought the heat might break, storm clouds opened for all of a minute before the steam was rising from the footpath. After completing the days C25K requirements there was no option but to walk the remaining distance, stopping at every water fountain on the way back was just enough to keep us going. The usually busy running track was unusually empty, others more sensible than us had probably rescheduled. It took us 80 minutes to complete the circuit this time and my face which usually goes a nice shade of red with exercise was still tomato coloured 2 hours later.

I am not looking forward to Mondays run very much at all!

At least when it comes to exercise the information out there all pretty much agrees that if you get out there for 30 minutes three times a week then you will be making a difference. When it comes to what you eat it is almost impossible to work out which plan will be most effective. If I only drink juice for a week, is it better than if I only eat food that a cave man would have hunted and gathered? I decided to start off nice and easy with a calorie counting system. I previously lost weight on a calorie based system where the meals were prepared for you, the system was great and definitely worked but as soon as I didn’t have a delivery I was at the Macca’s counter ordering double cheeseburgers.

My Fitness Pal is a great iPhone app for tracking your calorie intake on the go, it has also helped me work out if my first ever attempts at healthy cooking are within my calorie budget. I’ve had a lot of fun cooking dinner and experimenting with breakfast smoothies this week. The smoothie is a tricky one as I want to feel full but i am far too lazy to get out of bed in time to eat a home cooked breakfast before going to work, as it is the poor snooze button gets hit five times before i finally get my ass up most mornings. If you are also a My fitness pal user please feel free to add me and follow my diet, after all I certainly like getting advice from others!

Well at 5 days in things are still looking up and motivation is still high, possibly fuelled by my upcoming 10th Feb Color Run humiliation and the novelty of cooking my own food. Whatever it is, here’s to another 5 days!

I built this wall at work so whenever I look up from my computer I get a quick reminder!


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Welcome to my new life. I didn’t quite meet the New Years Resolution deadline, but this week I took the first steps towards the new me. Well, the same me but with a bunch of self help books and a plan.

When I turned 25 last year, I thought “Is this who I want to be?” and when the answer was “No” I immediately became discouraged. I knew I didn’t like the basics of what my life had become; my weight, my job and being away from my family had been on my mind for months.

I knew I wanted to change, but the idea of it seemed quite daunting, where would I start? Would it make a difference? And of course what if it doesn’t work? So instead of taking action, I continued to do nothing to improve my situation. I kept eating the foods that my body couldn’t afford to eat; I refused to even think about what my options were with work and I did nothing but feel sorry for myself.

On New Years it hit me I was 25, Single, Overweight and lost and the only way it was going to change was if I did SOMETHING! But by the following morning, a little tired and with a sore head the passion that the night before had inspired in me was already on the back burner. But the thought was there now, it was up to me. A week later I prepared myself for the return journey from Brisbane to Sydney and decided to quickly browse iTunes for an audio book for the return journey.

The next day while drinking my Large frozen coke and my Bacon Deluxe from Hungry Jacks as I drove I was listening to “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. I looked at the burger in my hand as he spoke to me, each new chapter sparking in me the desire to make a change in my life. When I got home I could still here his voice “What would make you happy” and I knew that I needed to make a decision to make fitness a part of my life.

It was a Thursday, so always being one to put off anything important I made the decision that Monday morning would be the beginning of the new me. A new thought was strong in me that day, for the first time I thought “I am not alone” Tony had helped me and there must be others just like him who knew what I had to do and how I could get there. Now that “Awaken the Giant Within” had inspired me to change I could find other Authors who could show me how to make those changes.

I was fat and lonely and I was going to do something about it. I downloaded another audio book this time “Talk to Strangers” by David Topus, and ok I should have read the blurb first to realise it was more directed at business folk trying to network than it was directed at the fat kid who wants to meet people outside of work but I still learnt from it. I decided that I would make an effort to talk to people outside of work, wether it be at the super market or the neighbours I was going to put my self out there. Every person I came in contact with was now an opportunity for me to practice my new skills. Worst case scenario I made a fool of myself and never saw them again.

I was on a roll now, I wanted to get as much advice from as many different corners as I could, which is how the idea for this Blog came about. I am going to dedicate 2013 to learning from others, adopting the advice or idea in my own life and sharing it with you.